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Gobowen to Everest Book

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Dave’s latest book, Gobowen to Everest, is based on a diary he kept during a trek in Nepal. It tells the tale of a journey to Everest Base Camp and beyond which starts from a tiny railway station in Shropshire.

Dave fulfils a lifelong ambition to journey to Everest following an unexpected opportunity to join a support team accompanying the biggest climbing expedition ever to attempt to reach its summit.

Dave describes life on the chaotic streets of Kathmandu, a perilous flight in a tiny plane to the foothills of the Himalaya, the challenges and the dangers of trekking at high altitude,his encounters with the Sherpa people as well as individuals such as Brian Blessed and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

Funny, sometimes poignant, and always engaging, this is the story of a hillwalker determined to see Everest for himself but who sometimes wonders if he has bitten off more than he can chew.

All proceeds from online sales go to Cancer Research UK and Lingen Davies Cancer Fund

Brian Blessed with Dave

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