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To register for the event you must complete the registration form online or by sending a printed copy to The Oswestry Round Challenge organisers' office.  This event also requires the payment of a NON REFUNDABLE registration fee which is detailed on the registration form and the on-line registration page. Your registration for the event will not be confirmed until this is received by the organisers.

By registering you are also agreeing that you will aim to raise an additional minimum of £150 over and above the registration fee by using the sponsorship form included in the information pack supplied by the organiser once registration is confirmed.

By registering for the event as an individual you are confirming that you are aged18 years or over, and are physically fit and able to take part in the event.  If you are under 18 you must have written parental consent prior to the event and the parent or responsible adult must be in attendance on the day.

You confirm that the personal details entered are correct and you will update the organisers if your contact details change.

All participants take part at their own risk.

You will be responsible for providing your own personal equipment. The organiser is unable to accept liability for any loss or damage to personal belongings, however arising, during the event.

The organiser will not accept liability relating to costs incurred by individuals if the event is cancelled for any reason outside its control, including any incidental expenses such as local accommodation.

You give your consent that any photographs or video recording taken at the event may be used for promotional purposes by the organisers only.

All transfers to and from the venue are at the participant's own expense.

No bikes allowed on the route.  The course is not suitable for dogs due to the nature of the land crossed.

Fundraising agreement

The Oswestry Round is distributing the money raised for the nominated charities.  Please make your cheque payable to the Oswestry Round and PLEASE SEND ALL MONEY COLLECTED to: The Oswestry Round Challenge, 78 Welsh Walls, Oswestry SY11 1RW

In fundraising for The Oswestry Round Challenge you agree:

All funds raised in the name of The Oswestry Round Challenge and its nominated charities, as selected on the registration form must be paid as soon as practicable to the Oswestry or its nominated charities.  All money should be sent by the 31st August 2017 to: The Oswestry Round Challenge, 78 Welsh Walls, Oswestry  SY11 1RW.

That all monies will automatically be treated as a donation to The Oswestry Round Challenge nominated charities and therefore not refundable to the participant.

If you cancel, or you are required to withdraw from the event, you will be required to send all sponsorship money collected directly to The Oswestry Round Challenge, 78 Welsh Walls, Oswestry SY11 1RW. This money will be retained by The Oswestry Round Challenge or its nominated charities unless the sponsor has requested that it be returned to them.

To ask your sponsors to send their monies directly to you, not to The Oswestry Round Challenge or its nominated charities.

To record the names and donation amount for all your sponsors and provide this information to The Oswestry Round Challenge or its nominated charities on request.

To make it clear that you are not an employee of The Oswestry Round or its nominated charities.

Not to reproduce the logos of The Oswestry Round or its nominated charities without permission.

Not to collect on private property without first obtaining the permission of the owner.

Not to collect in a public place without first obtaining the appropriate collector's license from the local authority.

Not to raise funds by carrying out house-to-house collections.

Not to do anything to bring the name(s) of The Oswestry Round or its nominated charities into disrepute.

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